Annie’s Story

Back in 2001 I was chatting about cars with a friend, comparing notes about cars we grew up with. He happen to mention that his Dad still had an old Mercedes that had been sitting around for years. When I […]

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Annie’s woodwork

I started the long process of refinishing the all the wood in Annie. Since we were working on the ignition switch anyway, we had to remove the panel around the steering wheel, it felt like a good time to get […]

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Annie Starts

We actually started her after 11 years of sitting! We are trying to get her road worthy this summer so we can hopefully go on a road trip soon!

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She ran!

We got a new battery and gave her a bath.

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Annie starts!

IMG_8019.JPGWe actually started her after she sat for 11 years! Trying to get her road worthy this summer so we can helpfully go on a road trip!

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