Our Three Pontons

It all Started with our Grandpa Noel Glasgow, the original DIY guy. The Glasgow’s have had a love affair with cars longer than I have been around. Grandpa taught high school auto shop in Marysville back in the 50’s. During one of those classes he had the students help him modify a 1940 Kaiser-Frazer by adding fins and scalloped headlights! (pictured to the right)

Bessie (BSE)

Grandpa Glasgow LOVED cars! He bought Bessie (BSE) back in the 70’s in pretty good condition. He restored it back to the original condition and drove it around town as a daily driver! I still remember to this day when my Grandma Ruth picked me up from school in her. I was so excited when I saw it, all the other kids were asking what kind of car it was, such a great memory. I used to ask her what the symbol on the front hood was for, she would reply, “It’s for aiming the car to where you want the car to go!”

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Annie (ANE)

It was a cold dark December morning! We left Sacramento at 0’ Dark 30. Destination Ft. Bragg, its about a 4 hour tour. We decided to use grandpa’s motorhome with the V10 to pull her up the hills. Taking turns behind the wheel, the trip seemed to fly by (I think Bob was speeding!) After a potty and Krispy Kream break we were sailing along when all of a sudden… A wasp buzzed Bob, who was driving at the time. After several unsucessful attempts to eradicate the bee we pulled off as quickly as possible (sorry Napa drivers) The wasp went MIA never to be found again… By the time we reached the town of Ft. Bragg the sun had broken through the clouds and it was a beautiful day on the California coast.

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Lucy (LSW)

Lucy (LSW) is my dad’s 180. The picture to the right shows dad removing the engine over at Grandpas house circa 1980. Many engine’s have been removed with the help of that big ol tree!

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